Apple Data recovery


Deleted/Lost data recovery from Apple Devices

Apple machines such as MacBook, iMac and similar devices use a file-system known as HFS/HFS+. This system utilizes a feature known as journaling which maintains a record of all changes that are made to files and folders in order to restore the system to a prior usable state in the event of a failure. Problematically, however, this means that when a file is deleted, all of the metadata associated with it is deleted also.

As the analysis of metadata often plays a key part in the recovery of data, our technicians will undertake the following steps when conducting a free diagnostic on your Mac device.

 Locate file signatures on the host system used to identify file formats

 Use these signatures to reconstruct data and

 Develop a bespoke plan for the extraction and backing up of this data.


We can recover data from Corrupted/Damaged -:

Macbook Pro
Macbook Air
Mac Pro
Time Capsule