NAS, SAN & DAS Data Recovery


A storage device that can be accessed via a network connection rather than a direct link such as USB. As a result, multiple users can be afforded access to such drives simultaneously. Whilst some (NAS, SAN & DAS) devices contain only a single disk with a single volume, such devices are rare with the vast majority consisting of multiple disks in a RAID array.

As a direct result, any data loss suffered by such devices must be addressed by a data recovery professional. As part of Sharaf-DG’s free diagnostic, one of our specialists will: Analyze each of the individual drives that comprise the array; Locate all metadata and analyses RAID parity at a HEX level; and

Manually reconstruct the hardware array.


Sharaf-DG’s engineers have vast knowledge of all storage technology and can successfully recover data from the oldest to the most recent DAS, SAN, NAS and SDS configurations on the market. We support all vendors, media formats and operating systems.

Some of the manufactures we supports:







 Super Micro



It is very crucial that a technician perform a diagnostic on any failed NAS in order to both ensure that data can be recovered and the cost of doing so.