Smartphone Data Recovery

The process of recovering data from smartphones is one that is continuously evolving with each new model featuring faster and smaller technology that needs to be reverse engineered before they can be fully understood. If you have lost data held on your smartphone, our Expert engineers will undertake the following steps when conducting your free diagnostic

IPhone Data Recovery

Due to the ever increasing popularity of their devices, coupled with growing concerns about the security of mobile devices, Apple have engaged in efforts to increase the robustness of the iPhones safety measures in recent years with impressive results. Whilst this means that iPhone users along with users of all Apple products enjoy greater peace of mind, it has caused data recovery professionals worldwide a significant number of problems.

As a result, when undertaking a free diagnostic on your iPhone, our technicians will:

  • Utilize bespoke hard and software to exploit backdoors present in all iPhones; and Develop a tailor made plan to retrieve the data held on the device.
  • Sharaf-DG able to recover data from iPhones that others would consider to be inaccessible. Nevertheless, we can only ensure that your data is recoverable following a comprehensive diagnosis. With Sharaf-DG’s free initial diagnostic, you can find out if your phones data is recoverable and receive a no-obligation, fixed-fee quote.


Android Data Recovery

Android is a mobile operating system (OS) currently developed by Google, based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Irrespective of the device in question, though, the process of recovering data from a machine running an Android OS is relatively similar as they share not just software, but hardware too.

As a result, when undertaking a free diagnostic of your Android device, Sharaf-DG will:

  • Analyse the device’s software;
  • Determine if the data can be recovered without the need for physical intervention; and If necessary, utilise our expertise in microelectronics to recover data safely.

Whatever method may be required, Sharaf-DG is fully conversant with all Android devices and are confident we’ll get your data back!