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we offer iPhone repair services with Free Pickup and delivery in Dubai. How do I get my iPhone repaired? You can get your iPhone repaired from Apple certified technicians at affordable price. Repair your Apple iPhone at Apple Authorised Service Center. Our iPhone repair centers are located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Al Ain. Our technicians at Sharaf DG Apple Authorize service centers deliver high-quality service. We use genuine Apple parts for your iPhone repair.  We being an Authorized Service Center to repair Apple products, if you have an AppleCare+ plan, we will check all the details related to Apple care + and cover the repair under Apple care + coverage .Our iPhone repair center provides great repair, your iPhone works like new after it is repaired. We also understand the necessity of quick repair and that is the reason some of our Sharaf DG Apple Service Center offer same-day service. Can I add AppleCare to my device later? You can add AppleCare+ to your iPhone within 60 days of purchase, even if you have bought it from a carrier or from another retailer. You can contact Sharaf DG Apple Authorized Service Center if you need to know more about availing Apple care+ for your iPhone, we will be glad to assist you. Read more about Apple care + on our website in Apple Care section. How do I get my iMac/MacBook repaired? You can get your iMac/MacBook repaired from Apple certified technicians at affordable price for Sharaf DG Apple from Apple Authorized Service Centers. Our iMac/MacBook repair centers are located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. How much do I have to pay to repair an iPhone Screen? Can I have my iPhone cracked screen fixed through Apple Service center? Will the broken screen repair of iPhone gets covered under Apple Warranty? Will a Apple service center repair my iPhone broken screen? Our technicians at Apple Authorize service centers deliver high-quality service. We use genuine Apple parts for your iMac/MacBook repair. Apple Device repair with an Apple Authorized Service Provider, using Genuine parts from Apple Service Center, and technicians are trained by Apple they are using Apple precision tools. DG Help Apple Authorised Service Center will deliver high-quality service using only genuine Apple parts.

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DG Help is Authorized Apple Service Provider, offering In-warranty and Out-of-warranty repairs for all Apple products. Our engineers are trained by Apple for repairs and we use genuine parts and tools provided by Apple to repair above products. This includes repairs covered by Apple’s warranty and AppleCare+.

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We are the UAE largest Apple Authorized Service Center specializing in repair of iPhone, iPad, Watches, MacBook, iMac , Beats and iPod. Our technicians are skilled and practice a diagnosis to make sure that the repair is done the right way at one go and save your precious time.

Apple Authorised Service Center in Dubai


iPhone Repair Terms & Conditions:
• Apple certified Engineers will inspect the device up on submission & suggest if screen repair is advisable
• Back up your data to iTunes or iCloud
• Erase data and settings in Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings
• Turn off Find my iPhone
• The customer must submit their device before 12.00 PM to avail the Same day repair service.
• Same day repair is subject to stock availability.

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At DG Help, we understand the importance of your Apple devices in your daily life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Apple Service Center located?

Is the Apple Service Provider open during public holidays?

Yes, Apple Service Center operates on public holidays, 365 days, 7 days a week, from 10:00AM to 10:00PM.

What are the operating hours of Apple Service Center?

Apple Service Centers are open 365 days a year from 10 am to 10 pm.

Is the Apple Service Provider open all 7days in a week?

Yes, Apple Service Center works 365 days, 7 days a week, from 10:00AM to 10:00PM.

Can I repair my Apple product from a place which is not Apple approved?

If your Apple product is damaged or malfunctions we only recommend you to contact Apple Authorized Service Center. Repairs by service providers other than Apple Authorized Service Center may not involve the use of Apple genuine parts and may affect the safety and functionality of the device.

What happens next once I submit my Apple device for repair at your Service Center?

Once you submit your device at our Service Center, our certified technicians will check your device and provide you a quotation in case your device is out of warranty. You will then receive an email and a call to inform you about the defect, parts that needs to be replaced and the cost of repair .Once we receive a go ahead from you , we will start the process and keep you informed once the repair is complete .
While our technicians are working on your device you can track the status online through our website by using the reference number provided at the time of submitting your device.

Do you have an option to make the payment online?

Yes, we do have an option to make an online payment using your Debit or Credit card. Up on request we will send a link your email id and you can make the payment using the link. Once we receive the payment, you will receive a confirmation email about the payment.

Is payment made online safe and secured?

We adhere to the highest standards of payment security. Our Payment Gateway is 3D secured and is Visa verified and MasterCard secured. Your credit card details are not stored on our systems.

Back Glass Broken, is it replaceable for iPhone?

Back Glass replacement is not applicable for iPhone‘s as per Apple standard, instead complete unit replacement is offered.

How long does it take to repair my iPhone?

We can repair the iPhone in 1 hour*
* subject to availability of part

Do you replace Screen for Apple iPhone 6?

Screen replacement is not applicable for iPhone 6 as per Apple standard, instead complete unit replacement is offered.

What are the common issues in iPhone?

Can I replace the battery of my iPhone without being submitted to the service center?

We will strictly advise you not to attempt the battery replacement of your iPhone yourself.
The battery in iPhone should be replaced an authorized service Center. Improper replacement or repair could damage the battery, cause overheating, or result in injury. The battery must be recycled or disposed of separately from household waste. So we recommend you visit Apple authorized service center for your iPhone battery replacement.

Does Apple repair iPad screens?

Screen replacement is not applicable for Apple iPad as per Apple standard, instead complete unit replacement is offered.

How does AppleCare+ handle cracked screens of Apple iPhone?

Apple iPhone damaged, cracked screen replacement is covered in AppleCare+

If you have AppleCare+ for Apple iPhone it covers?

  • 2 years of Apple iPhone repair,
  • Covers 2 accidental damages includes liquid damage, physical damage, Standard manufacturing defects etc. (1 accidental damage per year).
  • Global warranty support.
  • When accidental damage you pay only AED 99 for Screen repair or AED 349 for unit exchange.

Can I buy AppleCare+ when the screen of my iPhone is already cracked?

AppleCare+ can only be bought if the Apple iPhone is in original condition and within 60 days of Apple iPhone purchase.

Will Apple replace a water damaged iPhone?

Yes, liquid damaged Apple iPhone are eligible for replacement under AppleCare+ or exchange price depending on iPhone model.

Apple Authorized Service Provider

We want to make you happy with affordable prices on: iPhone Screen repair, iPhone Battery replacement, MacBook repair, MacBook Screen repair, iMac repair, Apple Watch Repair, iPad repair, iPod Repair and Air Pods Repair.

We are the brand recommended service center for iPhone repair service in Dubai UAE. We also provide pickup and delivery services to your home and work location. You can also visit the iPhone Service center directly. Our iPhone repair centers are open 365 days. The working hours of our service centers are from 10 AM to 10 PM. We are highly skilled to do all Apple repair at affordable prices. You can get all the issues related to your Apple device resolved by us. We are the authorized service center for iPhone repair. Mac repair. iPad repair. Apple TV repair. Apple Watch repair. You can visit our service center for any small issue with your iPhone. Even a small crack on your screen impacts the function of your iPhone. Cracked screens can be frustrating to use. It might work fine at the moment, but there is an increased risk of your phone suddenly becoming difficult to use.
There could be various other issues with your iPhone that will need immediate attention. Get a quick check of your iPhone. Here are a few of them. Water Damage. Frozen Screen. iPhone won’t power off. The volume button is stuck.
You can also visit our service center if you are unable to connect to the WIFI. If the battery is draining fast. If the Microphone not working. If there is a problem with Bluetooth. Or if the iPhone camera doesn’t work. We are will be happy to provide a complete solution and an excellent Apple repair with the utmost care.
We repair iPhone. Anywhere in UAE. We have introduced our all new pick and drop off option for iPhone repair. Scheduling the repair for you iPhone is easy now through our website, you can follow few simple steps. To book the repair of your iPhone
At first, you need to choose the iPhone you want to get repaired. You need to describe in a few lines about the issue with your iPhone. You will have to enter the location from where you want us to pick up the iPhone. You will receive an order confirmation number on placing your order, you will then receive a confirmation call regarding your iPhone repair and once you confirm it our logistic partner we will pick your iPhone on the scheduled date & time.
After your iPhone reaches the iPhone repair center your iPhone will then be inspected and repaired by certified engineers. We will keep you updated about the status and repair servicing charges of your iPhone, if there is any. Your iPhone will be fixed by us in just a day or two and after quality checking, we will start preparing for the delivery of your iPhone.
After the quality check, we will hand over your iPhone to our delivery partner and they will be at your doorstep in a matter of a day or two depending on your location. That’s it! You will receive your iPhone in a much improved and better state contrary to what it was handed over.
While our engineers repair your iPhone, we will also provide a real time tracking status of your iPhone repair through our website where you can check the progress of your iPhone repair. You will have an option to know when our service engineers completed the diagnoses of your iPhone, when did we start the repair of your iPhone and when is your iPhone ready for collection or dispatched to your location in case of delivery service .
Our iPhone Service center also takes care of the repair of your iPhone if it is eligible for Apple Care, and all other Sharaf DG insurances like Extended warranty, DG Shield, and DG Shield +.We being an authorized service center for all your Apple devices, you can ask us to cover the iPhone repair under any of these insurance you carry on your iPhone.

iPhone Repair & Replacement Models
iPhone 15 Repair iPhone 14 Plus Repair iPhone 13 Repair iPhone 12 Mini Repair iPhone 11 Pro Max Repair
iPhone 15 Pro Repair iPhone 14 Pro Max Repair iPhone 13 pro Repair iPhone 12 Repair iPhone 11 Repair
iPhone 15 Pro Max Repair iPhone 14 Pro Repair iPhone 13 Pro Max Repair iPhone 12 Pro Max Repair iPhone 11 Pro Repair
iPhone 15 Plus Repair iPhone 14 Repair iPhone 13 Mini Repair iPhone 12 pro Repair iPhone XS Repair
iPhone SE 3rd Gen Repair iPhone 7 Plus Repair iPhone 8 Plus Repair iPhone X Repair iPhone XR Repair
iPhone XS Max Repair

We provide one of the best authorized MacBook repair in Dubai. You can visit our service center for your MacBook repair without any appointment. Our MacBook authorized service centers are located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. We operate 365 days, 10 AM to 10 PM.
You can even book a repair with us online and we will arrange for the pick and drop facility.
MacBook is a largely preferred Apple device and most people around the globe own it. In addition to offering unparalleled performance, MacBook is a stylish, compact device that can be carried everywhere. Due to its portability, the device can be used for work purposes while on the move. Although it is brilliant in several ways, it can also have issues like MacBook not turning on, Broken Screen, Battery draining quickly, Overheating, track pad not working, Wi-Fi not working. MacBook should be maintained on a regular basis to keep performing well. Do not wait until your device has severe damage, book your repair with us for your Mac Mini, Mac Pro, MacBook-13- inch and MacBook Air.
Our Service Engineers for MacBook are Apple certified and are brilliant at their work. They provide utmost care while repairing your MacBook. Starting from the time they receive the device at the service center till they complete the repair they take care each steps of the repair responsibly. Be that be the diagnosis, placing orders for the parts required, fixing the new parts and then the final testing of your MacBook . Our technicians also call and talk to the customers directly if it is needed during the course of your MacBook repair.
Our MacBook Technician are experienced and customer centric. What else you need when you give your favorite device for repair!

iPad is also one of the most used products these days with some hard selling happening for iPad. iPad can do all the things that a laptop or a desktop can do. With an iPad helping you with so many things, it is incline to face certain technical issue sometimes. Certain common issues that you might face with your iPad like iPad Wi-Fi Not Connecting, iPad Screen Keeps Freezing, iPad stuck on Startup Logo, iTunes does not recognize the device, iPad Not Charging, iPad Not Turning On. When you face these issues you might want to look around for a reliable and affordable iPad service center. And here we are. We are one of the most preferred authorized service center for iPad repair in UAE. We have our iPad service center in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Alain. Book your iPad repair though our website today and let us take care of it from there.

AirPods are Apple’s completely wire-free headphones, which look a bit like the Apple EarPods from older devices, but without the cables. AirPods come with the AirPods Charging Case, which is used for both charging and storage purposes so the AirPods don’t get lost. The Charging Case is about the size of a container of dental floss, so it is easy to keep it in your pocket. A Lightning port at the bottom helps the AirPods and the case be charged with the Lightning cables, and the wireless charging case helps you charge with a Qi wireless charger.
But like anything in this world, they aren’t without their fair share of faults. If you just have a feeling something is not working quite right, we at Sharaf Dg Apple Authorize service center will help you diagnose and fix it. The most common AirPods problems are right here:
AirPod Paring Problem – If you are running into issue where your AirPod is not connecting to your phone or Tablet , the first thing you should do is to put them back in the charging case , wait for around 10 sec , then take them back and pop them in your ears again.
If it does not work the next step is to turn Bluetooth on and off your phone or tablet. In all but most unusual cases, this should be resolved. If it still does not get fixed, we are here to help you rectify the issue
Apart from the issue mentioned above there are other list of issues that you might come across like
AirPods Call drops
AirPods Audio issues or static
AirPods Android Volume trouble (if you are using your AirPod with an Android device)
Our Apple certified technicians are there to help you diagnose all small and big issues.