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Persistent battery problems? Incorrect Heart Rate reading? Inaccurate Workout data? Bluetooth connectivity issues?

Apple Watch Repair

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• Apple certified Engineers will inspect the device up on submission & suggest the required repair
• Kindly deactivate the activation log

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Apple Watch Repair from Apple Authorised Service Center

The Apple Watch Series is easily one of the best smart watch on the planet. Many others are smaller or cheaper, but the combination of quality, advanced features and the typically Apple interface make it a real standout.   

It may be one of the most accessible smart watches in the market, but the Apple watch does not always work as it should. And that is when we come in picture the most trusted and experiences Sharaf DG Apple Authorized Service Center in Dubai, Al Ain & Abu Dhabi. Apart from taking care of issues for Apple iPhone repair, Apple iPod repair, Apple AirPod repair, Mac repair, Apple T V repair, we are also skilled to fix the issues with Apple Watch.

Apple Watch problems continue to frustrate you despite multiple Apple Watch updates and iPhone updates.

Here are common Apple Watch problems that you must be aware of as Apple Watch User

Small, but annoying, problems are common with new device categories. For most users, these Apple Watch problems are not a major issue but some of these can break the Apple Watch experience. For some users it may require a replacement in extreme cases. But you do not have to worry about all the hassle of getting a replacement if needed as we at Sharaf DG Apple Authorized Service center do everything for you.

Below are the listed problems with Apple Watch

Apple Watch Problems with Updates

One of the first things you should do if you keep having Apple Watch problems is to check for an update. To do this go to the Watch app on your iPhone and follow the step by step instruction. If you find it difficult to do it, we are there to help you with that.

Apple Watch Bluetooth Problems

Some users complain that the Apple Watch Bluetooth connection to the iPhone is not consistent. Or that they have problems using Bluetooth headphones with the Apple Watch while running.

The first thing you should do is turn Bluetooth off and then back on with your iPhone. This can solve this problem quickly, but you may need to re-pair the Apple Watch and your iPhone or look into updating your Apple Watch. If you still face difficulty, visit our service center.

Apple Watch Bad Battery Life

Overall the Apple Watch battery life is better, lasting a full day in tests, but there are some complaints from users who are experiencing bad Apple Watch battery life. There are certain tips that we can provide you on how to optimize the battery life , however , if you still think is needs an expert check , then visit our  Apple Authorized service center in Dubai , Abu Dhabi and Alain

Few others issues for which you can ask our technicians to check your Apple Watch are Slow Apple Watch Performance, Apple Watch Charging Problem, Apple Watch Not Tracking Activity, Apple Watch Won’t Turn On Missing Notifications,  Apple Watch Not Updating , Apple Watch physical or liquid damage .