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Is your washing machine & dryer not working? Let’s repair it immediately.

Having a washing machine in your household is a wonderful convenience that can often be taken for granted until your washing machine or dryer down and leaves you with loads of laundry starring at you. Whether your washing machine won’t drain, won’t spin, or simply won’t turn on, Our technicians can provide regular service or emergency repair to address the problem. 

Washing Machine and Dryer Brands that we repair:
Candy, Whirlpool, Philips, LG, Bosch, Siemens, SMEG, Hoover, General Electric (GE), Super General, Frigidaire, Zanussi, Gorenje, Maytag, Terim, Electrolux, Vestfrost & Wolf Power.

Deep Cleaning & Servicing

Deep cleaning is a process wherein our technicians may open and clean the device internally & externally using special cleaning agents / liquids.

Technician at Home Service

If you are certain that the issue with your washing machine /dryer is major, we suggest you call the experts and let them do the needful for you.

Virtual Diagnosis (Telephone/Video)

If you are looking for a do-yourself solution, you may choose to have a technician on your telephone or video call to guide you with a quick troubleshoot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the issue you are facing?

  • Washing Machine/Dryer door is not closing or opening
  • Detergent not being used
  • Odor issue after washing
  • Water level & draining problem
  • Noisy Washing Machine
  • Leakage Issues
  • Machine is not starting or tripping
  • Washing Machine or Dryer broke down while running

What is inclusive in the service?

  • Virtual consultation before the technician visits the place
  • An accurate diagnosis & cost estimate report
  • Incase if the technician may not be able to diagnose the issue on a virtual call they may recommend an in person visit to open the appliance and identify root cause of problem
  • You do not need to worry about the service, if the device has any problem you are free to call and notify the issue within 24 hours after completion.
  • For deep cleaning our technicians may open and clean the device internally & externally. This will be done using special cleaning liquids which will result in a good maintenance and shelf life of your washing machine /dryer.

How do the technicians work?

  • If you are certain that the issue with your washing machine /dryer is major, we suggest you call the experts and let them do the needful for you.
  • Once the service is booked online, our team will contact you asking for the exact issue you are facing and arrange a visit at your preferred time and location.
  • Our technicians are well trained and can identify the issue immediately. They are explaining the exact issue, perform a diagnosis and give you a cost estimation to proceed with.

Your washing machines is dead or won't turn on.

In most cases, this is caused by a tripped, off-balance switch from an imbalanced load that can be easily rectified by redistributing clothes. Otherwise, you may have a problem with the timer circuitry or your outlet, which our professionals can take care of.

Your washing machine is not spinning properly or at all.

When clothes are soaked at the end of a wash cycle, it may indicate that the washer isn’t spinning. This could be due to a defective lid switch or lid plunger, burned out spin solenoid, damaged wires, broken or worn out drive belt, or a bad timer contact.

There is no agitation.

There are many causes for no agitation including a worn drive belt, agitator assembly, wigwag plunger/lifter, transmission mode lever, or drive spindle. It may also be caused by a bad internal timer contact, bad lid switch, or malfunctioning pressure switch.

Excessive vibration of Washing Machine and Dryer.

If you notice excessive vibration, your washer may not be leveled properly or could be located on a weakened wood floor. Worn damper pads or snubber pads may also be to blame.

Your washing machine leaks.

Excess soap, loose hoses, drain hose clogs, and leaking pumps, tubs, or tub water injection hoses could be to blame for leaks and other similar damage.

Water is not draining properly?

Water will remain in the drum if you have a defective pump, worn drive belt, or clogged drain hose. When it doesn’t drain properly, it could lead to serious problems and urgently needs to be repaired.

There is no cold water flow to your washing machine.

The cold-water valve may be turned off or there may be sediment buildup in the valve.

Wash cycles leave spots on clothes.

Spots that won’t remove with soap and water may cause by transmission oil from a defunct transmission.

Wash cycles leave soap in clothes.

A defective timer contact or sediment-clogged cold-water valve may be the cause of excess soap left in your clothes that remains in your washing machine.