iPhone Battery Draining Very Fast

Here are some secrets you would like to hear from and Apple Service Provider DG Help

Solution 1: Force Close Apps

– Force close all the apps running in the background as they consume data and affect battery sustainability.
– Go to your Settings apps on your iPhone
– Click on General
– Background App Refresh
– Again Background App Refresh
– Select “OFF” from the three options (Options are: OFF, WIFI, WIF & Mobile Data)

Solution 2: Hard Reset (Force Restart)

– Quickly press and release Volume Up & Down Button
– Hold on the side button until you see Apple Logo

Solution 3: Connection Disabled

– Disable WIFI, Bluetooth, Mobile Data & Airdrops when not necessary. Keeping them connected will always do some activities
in the background and allow your iPhone battery to drain fast.

Solution 4: – Reduce Brightness

– Go to your Settings apps on your iPhone
– Scroll down to “Accessibility”
 – Click on “Display & Text Size”
 – Scroll down to “Auto Brightness” and turn it OFF
 – Go to the control center and adjust the brightness using the slider.

Solution 6: – Reset iPhone

– Go to your Settings apps on your iPhone
– Click on General
– Scroll down to “Transfer & Reset iPhone” and click “Reset”
– Select “Reset Network Settings”
– Enter your Passcode & Screen Time Passcode
– Select “Reset Network Settings” in the pop-up box and wait for your iPhone to restart.

Solution 7: – Charger Guide

– Check your charger and make sure you are using an original charger.
– If not, you can always buy accessories from DG Help Service Center
– Do not use damage accessory to charge your iPhone, always use an Apple certified charger.
– Avoid doing 2 actions at the same time. Eg: Charging & surfing your phone, Gaming and downloading something.

Step 8: – Storage Space

– Clear some storage space as this sometimes issues will occur when the storage is full. Delete

he unwanted files and apps from your iPhone to free up space.
– Restart your iPhone and check if the issue is resolved.

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