Router Installation

Router Installation

Internet has become the most important part of our day to day life and is the most essential part of our lives. From home, office and to restaurants, internet is needed almost everywhere.
To get most out of Internet all you need is the high internet speed and to get that you will need a router which can connect various devices to one internet connection.
Our expert technician will provide the installation service for the router at your convenience.

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Services which we offer:
• Driver update of a router
• Speeding up the browsing of internet
• Fixing router connection errors
• Wireless configuration as well as connection setup
• Adding a new device
• Configuring routers setting
• Gateway and DNS settings
• Replacing wireless password
• Managing multiple routers
• Network security settings
• Firewall configuration
• Support related to IP conflict and error in connection

Why Choose DG HELP as your service provider?
We believe in customer centricity and we are dedicated to provide our customers on-time delivery, efficiency, affordable prices, and service through trained professionals. With DG Help router installation service you can be rest assured about the quality of service you will receive.
With DG Help you can schedule the installation service by choosing date and the time for the installation of your device
Our installation service is best in class and one of the most affordable service in UAE