All you need to know about cracked iPhone screen- Tips to follow for repairing

Did you just drop your iPhone? Did the cracking sound makes you worried about the cost and time it might need to get the device repaired
All we can say it to relax and leave the worry to us. We are here to take care of all the iPhone related issue.  Let us get to discuss about what to do when your iPhone screen gets cracked.
Apple does not manufacture the spare parts but the accessories are available easily in the market. There are a number of dealers who still provide genuine parts to offer you a great deal.
Let us have a look at the tips to follow for repairing of iPhone:
Check the amount of damage
The first thing you need for cracked iPhone screen to check is the amount of damage that your phone has suffered. Check whether there is a small crack or a lot of web cracks on the screen.
Get to know which type of screen you want
You need to understand the type of screen you have. Visit SharafDG Apple Authorized service center and get it checked from an Apple certified engineer and understand what support is needed for your iPhone
Ensure you choose your repair shop wisely
As a proud iPhone user, it could be a challenging job to get the broken screen fixed. But it’s crucial to get it fixed in an expert’s hands. Since you now know what to do with a broken iPhone screen, getting it repaired from the technician who is an expert and uses the genuine parts will be the right decision.
Type of screen
Let us get to know the type of screens that are there in an iPhone:
OEM pulls
Although the OEM pulls display would look attractive to eyes, when using the handset, the difference can be felt. The touch is not smooth; the navigation is not simple, and like an iPhone 6, it feels anything but fitting for a great phone. But even the original equipment manufacturer pulls in the new iPhone models will cause some sensor problems. Disabled ambient light sensor or screen brightness adjustment problems are some of the problems you can witness. They are affordable but they do not offer you a good life. Also you iPhone will actually feel like a Chinese phone with these pulls so they might prove to be a good idea to use but not for a good time.
The refurbished screens
The refurbished section here ensures that the screen is original with respect to its overall functionality. The restored component guarantees that the touch experience is as real as the original display. The advanced color scheme is what makes the refurbished OEM section a better choice. The screen has a pixel ratio of 100 percent accuracy with an OEM renovated section. One of the best things about the refurbished screens is that they are equally good as the original ones of your iPhone.
The thing that you need to keep in mind is that when the screen of your iPhone breaks it is the best option to look for an Apple Authorized service center so that you can be rest assured that you are getting your iPhone fixed from right people.

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